Anakku Belum Kerjakan PR Dan “Malah Ketiduran”. Saat Mau Memarahinya Aku Membaca “Memo yang Ditinggalkannya”, Air Mataku Jatuh Tak Terbendung

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If journalism doesn’t hold your interest, you can still work as a freelance writer as lots of magazines and websites need writers for formulating web content, which is in high demand. For editors, you can manage a team of writers or do freelance editing for non-fiction or fiction authors.

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6. Virtual assistant
Do you want your workday to have some variety? The job of a virtual assistant can provide that. The best part is that you can enjoy the same perks as an executive’s assistant, but at the same time, you are able to reap the rewards of freelancing. This is because virtual assistants are only called in when their services are required and they don’t have to work around the clock. You need to have some specialized training and administrative experience to do this job as it can include tasks ranging from event planning, internet marketing to data processing.

7. Logo designer
With such intense competition in the market, it has become essential for businesses to stand out and look different from their competitors. A logo helps a business do exactly that. This is where logo designers come in. The job pays very well because your logo will be used for recognizing your brand in the future. It offers plenty of flexibility as you can work your own hours and come up with a creative logo design for numerous clients.

8. Computer support specialist
Your job here is to provide mail and phone support for clients, perform repairs on computer systems when needed and run diagnostics on misbehaving machines. It is one of the highest paid freelancing jobs because tech support is required in a number of industries.

This gives you some ideas to get started in the freelance world. Which one best suites you?

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